{a new year}

happy 2011!

we wish you a lovely year ahead...
we are moving onto other projects, thanks for being here!

xo *s & k

below are our first two posts that started it all...


{day two}

* * *
new mixed media painting by *s
* * *

sail on the forever floating
ship of dreams
find the horizon
pure grace unfolds
wake the dawning of a new day
let it shine
wait on the wintry shores
with beauty and hope
love to eternity
as creation sings


{day one}

{k's letter to s that started it all}

It is only appropriate that on our half birthdays, I present you with this gift of words. It has been a lifetime of instant friendships and acquaintances and yet only the true remain. The heart and soul of this letter is to provide an inspirational perspective- on "us", on our story, and most importantly how our friendship has truly shaped the events in our lives.
It all began on July 21 and 22 in 1977, when we were born a day apart. I was born merely hours after you and a connection was sparked. Our parallel paths until now have drawn a map on my soul and are continuously becoming clearer as I grow older and gain perspective. It is wonderful to imagine that we have moved through life in tandem- same hospital, town, and schools, then on as we became roommates, true old friends and now collaborators.
The interlocking connections have set us on a path to an infinite friendship that maintains its strength across the miles. How would we predict that as the calendar years have passed- we would be sailing, swimming, sinking, drifting, jumping and dancing our way to uncover the amazing journey of two women- worlds apart yet connected by one undeniable detail- two days in July.
We are kept alive by the notions and curves that the road of life has offered. You are my guiding light and a star on my horizon- somehow the sail in my forever floating ship of dreams. It is our fate to create a new reality from this short story of us that continues to be written.
Here is my hope- please take this letter and let it set your soul free. May it bring the key that unlocks the door to our creative future together. We've talked about collaborating for years, merging art with words in a way that screams to the world, "THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT!" Let it be today that our streams cross (not to just merely meander for a while) but to create a new waterway of inspiration, hope and creativity.
It is with these lofty thoughts and idealistic goals that I write to you today.
May you always feel our connection- no matter the miles or time between.
Your collaborator, your support and your forever friend,

{see sarah's response to k's words tomorrow. s will be posting a painting inspired by this letter & a new poem by k. }
thanks to you for joining us on our journey.
see you tomorrow for day two-
s + k