{day two}

{the painting}

paris moon, a beautiful night
* * *

paris moon
acyrlic, mixed media collage on board.  (c) sarah ahearn. 2009. 
*  *  *
my response to k's poem in paint.  {see her poem below, posted on day one} 



{day one}

the poem

moonlit love

the cool air meanders
lungs fill with natural indulgence
focus on wondrous shades in the distance
the paths lead to a full harmony of song
fog lifts to reveal the translucent skies
wandering in my heart
a full moon shines down
resisting the cloud cover
at once the breath of love stings my lips
surrendering to the innocence, i wait
light fills the soul of this beautiful night



february. month 2.

two days in july~ february
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we can't believe how fast this last month has gone by! 
what started last month in january between two friends, has quickly grown 
to so much more. we were thrilled with your reactions to month one and 
can't wait to share with you what we've come up with for february. 
thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your wonderful 
comments and feedback.  
we, of course, are thrilled simply to be collaborating on this project
that we've dreamed together, but to have you along on the journey makes it that much more special.  thanks so much for your support and good wishes and we'll see you back here soon  21st + 22nd for our second installment of twodaysinjuly.   
until then,  *s + k

ps:  although our main posts will be on the 21st and 22nd of each month throughout 2009, please be sure to check in more often as we'll be posting our current inspirations and stories during the "in between times" as well.  *keep an eye out for this too!



k sent this quote my way today... we wanted to share with you. (+ a clue to this month's theme)
see you on 2.22 xo, *k + s



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