{day two}

{the painting}

ordinary beauty
 ordinary beauty.  acrylic/mixed media on board.  image (c) sarah ahearn.  2009.  

new painting by s.  
inspired by k's poem & the first sunny sunday morning in spring. 

*    *    *  
{see poem on day one here}  & {the painting BIGGER here}


{day one}

the poem

sundays at 7 am

cups and cups of coffee
soothe my morning
sun shines through the cracks
on the window sill, candles glow
it is a luxurious day
nature's delight
indulgences are plenty
fresh orange juice, smell of sweet perfume
tulips in a vase, although not in season
birds coming in for a landing
bathe in the grassy dew
my heart flocks to this day
devours the ordinary beauty
of what is my waking
alive and aware
the minutes take hours it seems
and I am sacredly devoted
to the beats and moments 
of my life...
at 7 AM...
on a sunday. *k  3.21.09



{see you in the spring}

we're excited to think that when we post our next poem and painting it will officially be spring! we already have our springtime thoughts in the works, and are so looking forward to showing them to you soon.
stop in on march 21 & 22 when we will sharing  a little bit of springtime sunshine with you!  
thanks again for joining us here... see you soon for month 3!  *sarah & kate