it begins tomorrow.

kate and i were born a day apart in the same town. we've been friends our whole lives and share many of the same dreams and goals even though we are two very different people. our friendship has remained strong throughout the years, and has truly grown deeper as we have gotten older. we have always talked of doing a book (or something...) someday together, merging her words and poems with my art, and here we find ourselves... someday has become one day away.
one night this fall when i was having trouble falling asleep, i had a flash of inspiration which launched the title "two days in july".  you see, kate and i were born one day apart in the same hospital 32 years ago, i came into the world in the evening on july 21st and kate the next morning on july 22nd.  we literally have been friends our whole lives. 
after the title came to me, i called kate the next morning with my burst of inspiration. we excitedly talked about what we might work on together, and as we did we were both covered in goosebumps... so many ideas we wanted to bring together.  we have been brainstorming via texts, emails and late night phone calls ever since... kate lives in virginia and i now live in massachusetts, close to where we both grew up and went to college...
two days in july will start out on this blog where we will both post our words and images on the 21st and 22nd of each month, our "birth days".    we have been planning for the past few months, it's been quite a secret to everyone we know, and we have so many ideas about where this collaboration may lead... for now we are just thrilled to be working together in such a fun & creative way.
two days starts tomorrow on my half birthday (& on my mom's real birthday) where kate will post a beautiful letter that she wrote to me about our collaboration, our friendship, and our dreams.  i will be posting my response to her words in a new painting that will be shared the following day. 
please join us~  we hope you will enjoy what we have to share.  *s + k