{day one}

the poem

streets, cobblestone, worn by the passers
of all who have walked
air full of essence, a mixture
of cafes and fresh food linger
sunshine warms my face,
cooled by the ocean breeze
a country, a small city, full
of vibrancy, its character runs ripe and vivid
how lucky to be in this moment
where this foreign world
engulfs me
a scene from a poetic novel
i, playing the passerby,
stand quiet
a couple greets each other
with a passion so great
even the pigeons notice and wait
they kiss, church bells ring in the background
as if to say, yes, love each other
harmonize with the moment, here
true life moves her in all forms
street corners, bikes wobbling, the dutch laugh
longing is a constant for time to stand still,
memorize this, take it all in
aching, my heart hurts only for you
in this vast, never land country, i wish
to share the beauty of which surrounds me
elegant, mysterious, simple, but empty
without your hand holding mine.

*k 9/21/09