{a new year, a new letter}

* * *

{we are here}

Two Days in July was built as an expression of two friends coming together to share their passions with each other and the world. As we began, we were enlightened by the newness, motivated by our emotional attachment and excited by the future we could look forward to together. Through the months, life happened. Some days, we were on the same page, words flowed effortlessly onto paper for Kate, and colors swirled in Sarah’s mind and then onto her canvas. Those were our easy months. Other, not so easy – living separate lives, over 600 miles away – sometimes things got tricky. Some months, it took all we could to get something posted on time. It felt like a chore, one more thing to check off our list before bed. Yet, something kept us going – through those hard months, into the next. We began to realize that this project had actually become a lifeline to a friendship that needed to be celebrated. Over the days and weeks throughout the year, we looked forward to the connections, the emails, and the conversations that then ultimately led us to, and inspired our poems and paintings. They were the reminder that those two days of each month allowed us a special moment in time, and in our lives, to glimpse a friendship that needed to be seen. In those moments, we stopped, talked, supported each other, vented, revitalized, motivated, reworked, discussed and laughed together, most importantly we were just in the present… in that moment together. It was our time. July 21 and 22 started this journey as just two days in July. But now, those days are two days of retrospect, of moments, of connections, as friends. Looking back on this past year made us realize that as we get older, days seem to be busier, families grow, and distance separates, but friendships are as important as ever. True friendship is a common thread that we all share, and we hope you’ll recognize the beauty of that and continue to join us here each month as we embark on another year of twodaysinjuly.

We welcome to you to two days in july, 2010!
see you here tomorrow!
xo *k & s