{day one}

{the poem}

an ode to a child

life so precious
taking me away
bringing new light
upon this special day

smaller than us
too beautiful to compare
a dream come true
something to share

of all the many things
to come to us in time
exceptionally beautiful
is this child of mine

*this small yet significant poem is dedicated to my partner in crime, sarah, who today with her loving husband welcomes a new baby girl into their life. and if you have followed our story, understood our connection, you will quickly see that her baby girl, was born on the 21st, the same day as her mom, sarah and the same day we (sarah & kate) have posted our words since january 2009. we are all blessed with the opportunities, the miracles, and the moments that take our breath away. congratulations to my friend, my soul sister, my "new mom"!

with lots of love, *k