{day one}

Happy September! It is great to be back. Life certainly has taken me by surprise as I am constantly striving to find one moment to breathe, sleep, talk to those I love, and yet somehow lately, time just takes its toll on me. I am sitting here taking a break from grading essays (I teach 10th and 12th grade english) and I am just in dire need of an escape to two days in july. So, here I am. Sarah and I have had many changes happen recently (her beautiful baby and my move to a new place, new job, new house) and although we have not arrived at the same time this month, we are here!

With that said, welcome to fall 2010 with twodaysinjuly. ENJOY!

the poem

new beginnings

step out
eyes on you
there is no past
just tones of voices
you've never heard before

to the ones
you've never seen
work for the silence
at the end of the day

to the heart
you've missed so much
escape to the place
you call home

*k 9.26.10